Discover your inner squirrel
...and how do you find yours.

Some pleased people say:

“You were an awesome speaker! Bree Ann B., Clymer, PA


 “I learned you have to take risks if you wish to succeed…”   Adam G., Purchase Line High School


When you came in, I was practically sleepwalking. After your presentation, I was wide awake and ready to start.”  Kelley D., Sullivan County High School

I really wanted to tell you how much your presentation meant to me.  You did a Fantastic job. You are an inspiration to all of us.”  Jenna S., Downingtown East High School


Life is all about risks, and you taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid.”  Reginald M., West Philadelphia Catholic High School


There were a lot of speeches at camp this week but yours definitely stuck in my mind. Your way of capturing the audience was great and the messages you send about leadership and attitude were great advice! You really know how to work an audience. The messages you sent will stay with me forever.” Ashley J. , Neshaminy High School

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